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    Possibly more than anything else we've ever made, we are best known for our almost legendary Figure '8' Rings. CMI burst onto the descender scene in 1974 with the introduction of the first forged aluminum hardcoated '8'-Ring. Now, nearly half a million eights later, our lightweight, versatile designs, backed by our flawless track record, continue to win new followers.

    Our eights are forged out of aircraft grade aluminum alloys. Why aluminum, when many others use steel? Aluminum keeps our eights light and produces excellent friction, while maintaining the safety margins demanded by today's tough standards. Hot forging produces an advantageous molecular alignment. Our exclusive hardcoat protects the aluminum, guaranteeing an exceptionally long life.

    CMI has a variety of descenders and belay devices available to fill any requirement. CMI pioneered the '8'-ring, and has now taken the technological lead in improving the rappel rack. Our products set the standard for strength in a lightweight package.

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